You can’t always get what you want…

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Much as I’m practical and take life day by day, I know there are portals we can access for insight. From time to time I avail myself of them, akin to getting a preview of exam questions, to prepare. The effect is limited because although I may gain a little insight, there’s some things that can’t be changed.

Dreams have informed me at their will for as long as I can remember. On occasion when I’ve been stuck and couldn’t see the way forward, or had an inkling and needed more information – dream messages not being evident, the fault possibly mine for not paying attention – I’ve consulted psychic counsellors whose clues may be similarly indirect.

Consulting my horoscope is easy, just a click away. I’m not such a sap that I’m looking for specifics, but a general feel of the planetary influences of the day, week, month as might apply to my particular circumstances. I’ve learnt from experience that communiqués from clairvoyants, horoscopes and dreams may resemble Chinese whispers, and you need to take them with a dash of soy sauce.

On the menu:

SagittariusA clairvoyant advised me you will have 2 children although that metaphorical boat had sailed and was 1000 miles off the coast.

Frequently the advice I received was patience, keep doing what you’re doing things will move forward.

I was given information you will buy a house and move north not too far in the future. It didn’t happen right then but a couple of years later the opportunity arose and I acted quickly.

I also received timely advice be diligent in financial affairs which set off a chain of events that obliged my then husband to disclose questionable financial dealings.

I was advised do not take the job option that’s in the air, take the next… and almost 10 years later, I’m still in the next job. It became apparent the first option was only ever hot air.

My favourite information was at the end of a session when I had 5 minutes to fill in, I asked about my sister who was a teenager at the time. The reply was she will rebel and disrupt the family. I thought… not unless she changes a lot. Her style is to make things right not make them wrong. A couple of things I learnt about psychic advice is never rely on the timing… spirit messengers don’t have earthly calendars, and they don’t say more than they need to. Anyway, the information was right, and my sister has the honor of being the first (and to date, only) vegan within our omnivorous family.

Ditto, the ubiquitous Daily Stars’ message you will experience conflicts with children isn’t for me to take literally. My encounters with actual children are infrequent and ephemeral.

Last week my Sagi horoscope suggested not taking a risk is riskier than taking a risk. My risks are off mountain climbing in the Himalayas because at chez EllaDee dullness is the status quo.

This week  it’s “Something new and exciting lies on the horizon for you so don’t be freaked out if you’re seeing big changes ahead. Actually, the signs are all pointing to any changes being very beneficial for you”. I wonder how long until the literal big boat of change sails. I’ve had my bags packed for well over a year.

I’m a gun with my lucky gold coin, tossing it for heads or tails guidance, footy tipping selections – augmenting its real purpose of activating supermarket trolleys.

For a while I indulged in my own variety of divination by water bird omens. I miss those heady 4 pelican days.

A convincing dream over a decade ago, where I was in the local newsagency with my sister and grasped a $9.6 million Lotto cheque in my hand hasn’t yet transmuted to reality.

I’ve also been the recipient of helpful messages from, I assume, my personal spirit guides. They come in the form of the 4D knowing accompanying the cryptic crossword clues of my dreams – a feeling, sixth sense or message.

The magic moment that looms large in my mind is the one that promoted mine and the G.O.’s worlds from parallel to merged. Waiting at the lift, about an hour late leaving the office, the words “ring the G.O.” sounded loud in my head. As I exited the building, I pressed his number in my phone. Answering, he said he was in Sydney for another couple of days working, had left his wallet with my contact details at home but did I want to have a drink and dinner the next night… like he’d been waiting for the phone to ring. Sometimes he makes me wonder, that man.

The houses and cars I’ve bought have been accompanied by that knowing.

Remarkable, many years ago upon seeing a little green weatherboard house advertised in the real estate agency window I thought I’ll get it for $104,000. Not paying attention to the knowing, starting the negotiation process I offered $114,000. The response from the real estate agent was No, the vendors will only accept $104,000. Right. Fine by me.

In need of a new car my then husband constantly suggested vehicular candidates of his predilection, all of which I rebuffed. One Sunday afternoon my next car enticed me along an alternate route where I would drive by its car yard, and know there she is. Over 10 years later, we’re still together.

The results are no always so dramatic, it can be a simple as knowing to turn left to find an empty parking lot car space. Random thoughts I didn’t pay attention to… shop at Surry Hills, turn out as knowing messages, such as I realise during the 20 minutes I spend stuck in traffic within sight of the entrance to the Marrickville shopping centre last week.

“You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need.” The Rolling Stones

29 thoughts on “You can’t always get what you want…

    1. I haven’t been for years. I think as I’ve gotten older, and a little wiser I trust more in my own knowing, but if you find a reputable psychic who has given good readings for someone you know & trust, it can be a valuable tool, used sensibly 🙂


  1. I totally understand and I don’t know if its a Sag thing, but I have also had a string of strange coincidences throughout my life, coming from dreams and psychics. But I’m a great believer in the universe knowing what’s best for you, regardless of what you ‘want’ 😀


    1. I agree it might be a Sag thing, for some of us anyway – we love the truth – lower case and capital T 🙂 And, it’s often said we’re lucky but I think it is a willingness to go with the flow, intuition- sixth sense 🙂


  2. I always try to listen to that inner voice, sometimes it is definitely more organized than I am! Often I find myself wandering into an aisle of the supermarket I had no intention of buying anything from, only to find my feet taking me to the soap, or the loo roll or such, that unglamorous thing that I had put out of my mind as soon as I noticed it was needed. The inner voice remembered though! I have learned not to fight the inner voice 😀


    1. I think that is my favourite inner voice – the one that saves me from domestic disharmony & disaster, and also the one that wakes me at 3am with a detail I’ve forgotten at work that would have made my life miserable otherwise 🙂 Only when I stop to think about it do I realise how much of my life is monitered by invisible hands. I need to slow down and listen better, even knowing they’re there too many times do I dismiss the feelings as idle thoughts.


  3. I’ve never had a dream that gives me any direction, but many times something has happened to make me do or not do something, which has turned out to be good advice.
    The most noticeable one recently I wrote about on my blog (change of direction part 1).
    Now if we’d gone ahead with our original plans, we’d have been on a campsite and out of contact of the hospital where my mum had been taken.


    1. I remember that post 🙂 It’s that kind of knowing and my trust in it that I’m grateful I have. Until I stop to consider, I don’t realise what a big part of my life having a spiritual back stop is 🙂 I’m always intrigued to hear how it works in other people’s lives.


  4. I’m fascinated by this, EllaDee, both your post and the comments that followed. I’m not one for psychics nor do I rush into a decision. Once made, though, I won’t play the “What Could Have Been” game. That’s nothing but a waste of time and that’s my most precious resource. Cliché? Yes but so very true.


    1. I agree, it’s better where possible to make a practice of keeping your own quiet counsel and choose the path. Oh yes, could have beens are such a waste of time and energy. If we make an error in judgement despite best efforts then learn the lesson and move on 🙂 That said, genuine psychics (not the dial up variety) have gotten a bad rap over the years but in the right circumstances are a valuable tool. There are times it’s been helpful to me for someone to tell me what I already sort of knew but didn’t truly get the import of, or possibly want to 🙂


  5. Sometimes the messages aren’t clear until after the event. I know I had a confluence of warnings from the universe right before I got pick pocketed. If I was listening better, I’d have understood what was being foretold. I’m a fan of signs. Fortune cookies, horoscopes. It’s not an exact science but something to turn over in your head and apply to yourself. Love your examples–so cool!


    1. Yes! after the event messages are oh so clear 🙂 Being pick pocketed would have been awful 😦 Those messages from the Universe, the song when you turn on the radio, the In-Box inspirational quote… it never ceases to amaze me the ways in which the Universe communicates with us, if only we pay attention 🙂 I read my horoscope or fortune cookie and go, that’s me… yep I can do something with that or nah, next time…


      1. I’m always amazed by how fitting my fortune cookie is to the issue I’m dealing with at that moment. I can’t believe in that many coincidences. 🙂 Yeah, the pickpocketing was awful. They got my wallet with my bank card, credit card and cash when I was in China. Very very stressful and scary.


  6. What a funny post EllaDee, I am so connected with it. In fact I almost got out my tarot cards to ask a question. I did a tarot reading course years ago and I still consult them. I used to look at I Ching, but I don’t have my coins anymore. I have never to a psychic, I think I am a little afraid, I don’t want to know bad things. Great post, nice to know I am not alone. 🙂


    1. Thank you… my secret agenda is funny 😉 Me too for the tarot readings course(s), numerology etc etc… A reputable, genuine psychic will NEVER give you bad news. The advice I had years ago about my job, and my sister who would rebel, was from a reader at the Blue Angel at St Kilda…


  7. Not everyone has their eyes as open as yours to read such signs in their daily lives. I try to keep my eyes open, but sometimes I’m just not paying attention. Thanks for sharing your signs. This was fun to read.


    1. Thank you. There are times I hear and feel nothing! Those signs have other ways of working, sometimes they just point our feet in the right direction and we don’t even realise it 🙂


    1. Thank you. I think even if we’re not paying attention, the whispers just use other means and we end up where we should be. The game is more fun though if everyone is playing 🙂


  8. My dreams are just rubbish, as I’ve said before, but I do go with intuition and feeling. The day we set off from Spain to Gib and later had money and ID stolen, did have a premonition that something was going to happen, I didn’t mention it to A, but I was terrified we were going to go plunging over one of the huge viaducts. So, getting everything stolen was preferable in the scheme of things, although it didn’t feel too good at the time.


    1. It’s like that sometimes! Feeling something isn’t right but knot knowing until too late what it is. It happens so many times, I think ah, that wasn’t just a random thought or worry, I knew something wasn’t right. Getting pickpocketed would be awful, and similar to you also happened to KH, another commenter. I’m trying to take more notice of signs and feelings but sometimes feel I could easily drive myself crazy by being too diligent.


  9. The ‘Nice’ was in response to your comment to Nine Cent Girl. But I didn’t get it in the right place. But yes, somehow managing to keep it ‘playful’ while not making too light of it all may be tone of the keys that open happiness..


    1. Thank you. Getting comments in the wrong place happens to me too 🙂 Oh yes, playful is good, we’re not just on this earth to do stuff and learn lessons 🙂


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