2012: another look

If you are a follower of elladeeimages, you’ll possibly already have read the details below, and know I chose an image from the archives/fortuitously downloaded images, from each month of 2012 that didn’t get posted, and put together art in the everyday: 2012 retrospective of elladeeimages.

If you are a follower of elladeewords you’ll possibly also have read about the demise of my beloved blogging tool, my smart phone. If you haven’t read the post I ask you to consider it’s “far better to learn the lesson than to be the lesson”… and step away from your phone if you’ve had a tough day.

The circumstances of the demise of my phone also resulted in it requiring professional attention to recover the photos, which were last backed up in early November 2012. Of course backing up Nov 12-Feb 13 was an item on my 2013 Return to The Post Holiday World To-Do List which I hadn’t ticked off. Cross your fingers for me please. There were holiday snaps and future blog post photos that would be a blow to lose.

Both the G.O. and my phone contracts are up next month, and we have a spare unsmart phone I’m using for calls & text while I undertake a due diligence process before making a 2 year commitment to new phones. But, the unsmart phone doesn’t take photos of any quality. Our digital camera is somewhat cumbersome to wander around with, so elladeeimages where I post “moments & colours of ordinary things & day-to-day life” is in hiatus.

elladeeplaces isn’t necessarily in hiatus because some posts are inspired by the memory or a feeling about somewhere I’ve visited in the not too distant past, and I use photos from the archives. That said, I also posted in 2012 a few places we did actually get to. For elladeeplaces: another look at 2012 I’ve chosen a photo from the archives of each month of 2012 that didn’t get posted… the upshot of which is a clear message that we didn’t venture far in 2012.

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15 thoughts on “2012: another look

    1. Thank you. The Opera House image is a favourite of mine also. Because of its colour & construction sometimes has the effect of a big changing mural. Sydney’s 2 iconic tourist attractions are right on my doorstep and could be ho hum but they offer themselves up in many different ways.


  1. Great pix! So sorry about your possibly lost photos, but hope you can recover them. I love your shots so you hafta keep taking pix, even if you hafta lug around the luggy one;-)


    1. Thank you. I will keep taking photos but the archives for Feb 2012 might be a bit lean! I enjoy capturing the day to day stuff, and it’s become a bit of a visual diary… another benefit of blogging. I think my life is quite dull but when I looked at it even just via the places and images 2012 retrospectives, it has more colour than I’d given it credit for…


    1. Mostly I use my phone to take photos, and post via WP in the usual way but posting photos directly from my phone while on holidays was very handy and easy to do 😉


  2. I don’t know why WP has decided not to notify me of your posts on this blog, but I’ve only just stumbled across this post.
    I find my iPhone is very hit and miss with photos, outdoors on a bright day they’re perfect, but indoors leaves a lot to be desired.
    You have some lovely shots there, are they all from your phone?
    My favourite as ChgoJohn has also mentioned is the opera house.
    Good luck sorting out a new phone. 🙂


    1. Apologies – 2 stage reply as I only saw the first half of your comment initially.
      Thank you – all the photos in this post and 99% on the 3 blogs are snapped using my old Samsung Galaxy smart phone.
      Occasionally elladee_places will feature a post from a past trip where the images are from an basic digital camera.
      I’m looking at a new phone this weekend, which I can attach to an aerial for when we’re in the country. But from the reviews apparently one of the drawbacks is the photo quality. If that’s the case it will be a no-go and I will probably go with another Samsung, and figure out the aerial issue another way.


    1. Thank you. I’d like to be there now too… either side of the bay. Autumn weather makes everything better, especially a week on the coast… would be lovely. The chances of it happening for either one of us are slim.


  3. Echo what Vicky said. Think I’m going to unfollow and refollow, see if that makes any difference. ha!

    Lovely shots, and needless to state, brought back many memories. Love that Art Deco Ocean View hotel photo in the last one.


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