2012: what you didn’t see

If you are a follower of elladeewords you’ll have read about the demise of my beloved blogging tool, my smart phone. If you haven’t read the post I ask you to consider it’s “far better to learn the lesson than to be the lesson”… and step away from your phone if you’ve had a tough day.

Both the G.O. and my phone contracts are up next month, and we have a spare unsmart phone I’m using for calls & text while I undertake a due diligence process before making a 2 year commitment to new phones. But, the unsmart phone doesn’t take photos of any quality. Our digital camera is somewhat cumbersome to wander around with, so elladeeimages is in hiatus.

The circumstances of the demise of my phone also resulted in it requiring professional attention to recover the photos, which were last backed up in early November 2012. Of course backing up Nov 12-Feb 13 was an item on my 2013 Return to The Post Holiday World To-Do List which I hadn’t ticked off. Cross your fingers for me please. There were holiday snaps and future blog post photos that would be a blow to lose.

In the meantime, of the backed up and fortuitously downloaded photos I do have, I chose an image from the archives of each month of 2012 that didn’t get posted, and put together art in the everyday: 2012 retrospective of elladeeimages.

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21 thoughts on “2012: what you didn’t see

    1. As a teenager I had a hankering for a Maserati… the poster version which was as close as I got was a metallic bronze colour 🙂 A green lambo would have been stunning. The busker artists are quite talented… I always wonder if there is a trick. The house with the garden art is near the station so I see it each day – the painting looks quite old so it may be even before Better Homes and Gardens became fashionable. Pity the SMH mural got tagged.


      1. I would have settled for a maserati if I couldn’t have got the lamborghini.

        But my British Racing Green Renault 19 was like s*** off a stick anyway so I was happy enough with that. I was fascinated with the fact that somewhere on the bodywork it was described as Verte Anglaise or maybe Vert Anglais.


    1. Thanks. My posting is a bit arbitrary dependent on time and the muses but I snap everything I can that crosses my path. Especially with copyright issues, I prefer to have a store of my own images. I have been seeing the flip flop sign writer’s classifieds messages on various mediums for about nine years. I’ve never called the number, as I haven’t needed a second hand fridge, washing machine or dryer! Start From Zero appeared after they cut back the garden 🙂


  1. If this is any indication of what lies on your smartphone, still outside of your grasp, I hope you find someone to help you gain access. These are wonderful, EllaDee. The street art is beautiful and I salute the individual who used shoe soles to sell. Of all, though, I’d love to have attended that debate that explored whether Chavez and Venezuela are the “model for socialism in the 21st century.” I would have been fascinated.
    Good luck with the retrieval. 🙂


    1. Thank you. The forum of blogging opened my eyes to what’s around me that I hadn’t paid much attention to so when I have a smartphone I snap whatever appeals and create a bank of archives, or sometimes what I see will inspire me to post…
      Only a few days before the demise of the phone I said to the G.O. I must get those photos off. Those photos being the ones I took when by a stroke of luck, the current owners of his grandparents’ farm were there as we were drove past while on holidays, and invited us in to look around… We can go back again, but I’d really like to recover the photos so I don’t feel quite so much a big idiot!


      1. Idiot? Heavens no! This could happen to any of us — and has. Luckily, today there are ways to recover even the most “unrecoverable” data. I’m sure you’ll find someone who can help you.


        1. Thank you -you’re very kind… I can still see the phone sliding across the shiny sleek bed cover! The phone is in good hands but not giving up it’s treasure easily.


  2. Caught up; at last. For some reason I haven’t had any notices from any of your blogs since you came home from your holidays! Sorry to hear about the phone – fingers crossed for a successful rescue of its contents 🙂


    1. RoughSeas and Vic Pics have also had Reader issues, and not just with my posts. Thanks – I must call about that phone… the first attempt was unsuccessful but yes, fingers still crossed.


  3. A great set of shots. I’m not sure what happened but I must have accidentally deleted elladee images from my follow list. When I stopped getting updates I had wrongly assumed that you had allowed the blog to lie dormant. Silly me! I have remedied the situation by clicking the follow button and look forward again to seeing your photographs 🙂


    1. Thank you… well, I have moments of dormant – life gets busy and phone gets smashed, but I’m still around, enjoying mainly as far as images go, the street art of the neighbourhood 🙂


  4. Interesting collection of images when displayed together. I love how you capture the bizarre and the beautiful in each one. 🙂


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