10 thoughts on “whooo hwooo

  1. Aren’t owls something? Some years ago, a screech owl took up residence in the woods behind my parents’ home. Late at night I could hear it call as it hunted and, occasionally, I’d find the remains of some animal or bird it had eaten. Just like us at the family dinner table, it had a favorite perch on which to dine. I never did see it, though. Great that you’ve not only seen these guys but know that they’ve doubled in numbers. How cool is that?


    1. It is something special to hear or see an owl or even know they live nearby 🙂 We love our wildlife, whether city or country and get a kick from knowing we share the environment.


    1. Much excitement for us, as we have a tawny frog mouth too 🙂 A while ago, I said I thought I heard an owl but we also have a lot of huge pigeons and “whoo” and “coo” can sound similar. But, the G.O. and the neighbours had a visit from the owl last night while sitting up the back, and I heard it today – definitely “whoo”, so I’m hoping to see it tonight 🙂


  2. You are so lucky to be able to photograph such beautiful birds.
    It’s not very often I see them here, though they’re definitely around as I can hear them.


    1. I feel very privileged 🙂 It appears now we also have a tawny frog mouth owl at home at Taylors Arm. Our neighbour heard it, and then the G.O. and neighbours saw it last night. I heard it today, in the the trees at the back. I’ll be waiting, hoping, tonight 🙂


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