ebb & flow

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”… is attributed to John Lennon but much quoted by the rest of us when our tender dreams never see the light of day.

I took the opportunity of using the misfortune of the slowing economy and rising jobless to daydream about possibilities… Costing out how much it would take to pay the bills and set us free, for a while anyway, without using up all our hard earned savings… money from God, I like to think of it.

In the midst of these dreams, despite the lists & calculations, I was in touch with reality and patting myself on the back for getting Christmas gift shopping done without over spending & before the festive season showed its underbelly; counting the days until an extended end of year break; and took a quick weekend trip to Taylors Arm to prepare for Christmas, where I found myself laying on the verandah futon dreaming of not making the return trip to the city for an annoying couple of weeks work, and considering the tediousness of my wish-I-was-there-but-I’m-here existence.

Upon my return to the office, in my lunch break – was she expecting me to be at my desk or hoping I wasn’t? – I received a call from my HR consultant. In an economy rife with job losses, she at least had the presence of mind to preface the conversation with the words “it’s not bad news”… followed by the information I was being seconded back to a new improved version of my old role for the re-heated leftovers of the project that when it ended left me hanging…. depends on your perspective, I thought.

window view

With her professional assurances of the balm of a friendly supervisor, a window seat, plus reassurances during the first team meeting that lessons were learned from the past, I’ve come to look at the development as a flow – what choice did I have? – rather than an ebb, but remembering my own lessons learnt so I come out the other side intact.

However, 2 days in I’ve already cancelled a non-essential but nice to do community service commitment that cut into work time… par for the course, but disappointing all the same. I’m thankful I’ve had a year to make a habit of my sanity savers: morning walks and blogging… that way they will be harder to dislodge from my daily routine but it’s likely the walks will get earlier, and blogging time will be abridged.

During our holidays, it’s also possible elladee_words will take a back seat – at the very least I have a pile of books to read and beaches to walk along weather gods permitting. In a desperate attempt to somehow contact the 21st century we installed an antenna and boosted the wireless internet coverage at TA from none to a weak signal that doesn’t even rate on the bar indicator. I’m aiming for images and succinct posts similar to great divide: city vs country (II) on elladee_images and Big things come in small packages on elladee_places, from our recent long weekend. And, I will read blogs and comment as much as possible.

Stop Press

Sisterhood-of-the-World-Bloggers-Award jpg

Rounding out my first year of blogging nicely is a nomination from The Wanderlust Gene for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award, and as usual I’m invoking the guidelines option, as the rules state nominees need to answer 10 questions, which TWLG conveniently didn’t strictly stipulate, and of course nominate others – which I’m happy to do. Listed below is the cast of 2012, in which TWLG would have been included.


Buried Words & Bushwa.

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Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Robin Coyle

Kourtney Heintz

Leanne Cole Photography

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Fly Away Home Book

Given they’re not technically sisters (and we wouldn’t want any confusion about that), honourable mentions go to

The Future Is Papier Mache

Postcard Cafe

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“Every flow has its ebb” French proverb

48 thoughts on “ebb & flow

  1. Thanks, I know you’ve passed on awards to me before, but it’s always nice when you do it again. I’ve another one to mention so this might spur me on to write about them both.

    Appreciate the pressures on your time, but do hope there will be some posts on at least one blog, I regularly check out all three, just in case silly WP hasn’t told me about it.

    I’ve just bought a handful of christmas cards. That’s my token gesture!


    1. The sisterhood award was very easy to accept & pass on, as I’d been hoping it would come my way – it represents what I’ve come to love & value about blogging. TWLG’s timing was perfect. I’m hoping our internet coverage endeavours at TA will pay off in basic blogging do-ableness 🙂


      1. I like that I know some of the other ones you have mentioned, that does represent the sign of a good community. What fascinates me too though is the reverse, that we can all enjoy similar blogs, and yet, others that we read, don’t gel the same way. That’s not a reflection on any blogger, just that like in real life, the same rapport doesn’t happen.


        1. It fascinates me as well. I enjoy it when I see a blogger I follow commenting on another blog post… it proves that sense of community I have… Then we wander off on different tangents but even then I like that you often see the same commenters on the same blog. They are an extended community, and regularly are as interesting and entertaining as the blog itself – your commenters are a great illustration 🙂


  2. What ever you do, keep the walks outdoors – you are right, that’s a real sanity saver – and good for your health, too.
    Really struggling with making time for everything, too – (so tell me just how do people manage to do multiple blogs? amazing). Right now, blogging may have to be when there’s time/energy available for many – (Reading books? Beaches? those win every time. Blogging community will just have to understand)
    Congrats on the award – well deserved! Always find a good read here. Nice list of other blogs to check out.
    Thanks for including me in your community
    Enjoy the adventure, have a great holiday season, and hope our orbits swing close by in the future.
    (RC is already practicing a long distance wave that is quickly done, but regal as is expected by those of her station. We have no control over her whatsoever. Oh, she said to inform you that a soft cheek pat is being sent.)


    1. Thank you – I treat the 3 blogs as one, and never feel like I have to post, but I do like keeping up with reading and commenting on the main blogs I follow so I’ll still be around… fingers crossed on the internet situation at TA. One of the bonuses of blogging is the virtual furry-ones you get to know. RC is a classic 🙂


  3. Congrats on your award! And thanks for nominating me! Sorry to hear about the change in your schedule, but I’m sure you’ll get through it. Things will flow differently but just make sure to carve out a little you time everyday. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I’ve done a little tweaking and the timing is good – the summer days being longer, an earlier walk in the cool is better anyway. I only have 6 more days of work until my break…


    1. You are right… it is a change for the good, and I’ve been fortunate it worked out the way it did… A few days in and I feel like I’ve never been away 🙂


    2. Hope you have a wonderful break! 🙂 This post reminded me that priorities shift and you have to shift with them. Thanks for that realization EllaDee!


      1. You’re welcome Kourtney. I needed a Life Skills #101 reminder too. I have a few days left in the office, and will adjust to those shifting priorities. After that I will make relaxing my #1 priority 🙂


  4. Adding my congratulations to you too…well done!!
    I’m new to awards, so thank you for my nomination:-)

    Sorry to read the job front isn’t going in the right direction. It’ll make the time spent at Taylor’s Arms even more precious, so enjoy your time there!!
    I look forward to seeing and reading whatever future posts you manage to fit in…….but make sure you enjoy your walks and books first.


    1. Thank you. If you’re new to awards I’m doubly glad I nominated you for this one – to me it’s the holy grail of blog awards 🙂
      I’m so glad I have the 3 weeks leave organised – the new role is not so bad, but it’s the end of the year and I’m well in need of a change of scenery, not just a change of desk 🙂


  5. wonderful to see the connections elladee …. congrats on your award, and thanks for passing it on! hope you have a great holiday, and we will be glad to enjoy posts when they happen!


    1. Thank you. The connections amaze me… looking at new blogs or reading through comments, seeing familiar names.
      I’ve given up trying to remember who I connected with via who…


    1. Thank you – the email notifications are a great idea – I use them for the blogs I follow most, and Reader to browse when I get time 🙂
      I’m always amazed at the cross over of who follows what blogs… seeing familar names in ‘new’ places.
      I think you & I also have a real life cross over in Lindy Cameron, who is the partner of my friend ‘Chele 🙂


      1. WOW! Really??? What a small world. My story was in Lindy’s “First Cut” (Scarlet Stiletto) book. I’ve met her a couple of times at the Scarlet Stiletto awards. (((big smiles))) 😀


  6. Woohooo. An award. Thanks! Now if I could just work out how to stick it onto my page! Am going to really try this time… Good on you. Keep walking and the blogging will happen when it happens.


    1. You are welcome. To add the image to your page, I have 2 suggestions 1) google WordPress add Widget image or something like (this is what I did initially) 2) basically… Go to Dashboard, Add Media – upload the image and copy the File URL, go to Appearance, then Widgets, then drag the Image icon to the sidebar and past the file URL, and you may also have to adjust the size. I use 168 x 168.
      I only blog when inspiration strikes… but it may mean a little less sleep also 🙂


  7. Well, aren’t you the clever one! I’d no idea that you’d two other blogs. The Three Faces of EllaDee. It’s like finding out a good friend is a triplet.
    With the changes going on in your workplace, and there effect on your personal time, something has to give. I’m a patient person, as are most of the bloggers I’ve “met.” when you post an entry, I’ll come running to read it, no doubt. Just don’t ever feel that you must post something. Post when you want to do it lest it become just another chore.
    Congratulations on receiving a much-deserved Award, and thank you for figuring out a way to include me among your esteemed nominees, you clever blogger, you. 🙂


    1. Thank you… or like finding out a good friend has multiple personalities but you get along with all three!…
      Be assured I only post when the muses give me something… I never work for it – not my style at all!


  8. The ebbs and flows of life, I go from great highs to great lows, experiencing one of those now. I really get what you are talking about.
    Congratulations on your award and wow, one year of blogging, a great achievement. Thanks you too for nominating me. You are a great friend on here, I will miss you as you take a break.


    1. When the ebb catches you, remember the flow will follow it soon 🙂
      I’m hoping to still be around to a certain extent but if not, I’ll catch up post-holiday 🙂


  9. Congrats, and Thank you! 😀
    Blogging is really a great community isn’t it? I love feeling connected to all of you people around the country and the world.

    “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” is certainly reflective of my life too. I truly love and appreciate my life and family but boy, this is not what I expected 20 years ago.

    You have the same dream as me, I always say “when we win tatts” when I am planning, as it will take a large cash injection like that to kill off every debt and keep us on holiday indefinitely or, as my dad says, “to keep me in the manner to which I wish to become accustomed”.

    I will miss hearing from you while you are away but will be pleased to know that the reason you are quiet is because you are at TA relaxing into a jelly. That is the kind of thing I would love to be doing over xmas, but alas, the Man has to work through. It will just be the kids and I hanging out at home.

    Oh well, just know that every time I sit back and crack a book someone will decide that is a good time for me to help with an intricate lego construction or attaining a video game high score…. please relax for me too!


    1. Thank you. Hanging out at home is mostly what we’ll also be doing, but the G.O.s grandkids are going with their mum & dad to Vanuatu, so we’re off the hook 🙂 I’m hoping our dodgy internet arrangements at TA courtesy of the new aerial, which aren’t as dodgy as last year when I discovered the wifi could tap into the neighbour’s broadband… will let me keep up with the blogging world from time to time.
      I’m hoping the G.O.’s injured shoulder will have mended enough for him to enjoy the break but not so much as to enable him to tackle projects such as the planned start to restumping of the house, and we can do some day trips & walks on the beach as well as just chill.


      1. Re-stumping the house is definitely not a holiday activity. Maybe you should thump him a few times on the injured side just to keep him from getting too ambitious!

        Free nighbours broadband sounds like the kind of xmas present that can only end in disaster although I bet the G.O. could start up a successful business on that basis 😉

        Walks on the beach and chilling? Sounds like a great xmas to me! 🙂 Have a great time!


    1. Thank you. Touch wood, the new flow is working much better than it did in its previous incarnation, and my break is just around the corner, but I hope to be checking in on WordPress from time to time.


  10. I am glad that your step sideways is working out and that you are going to make sure your walk does not get the chop too, when I was teaching I always walked the dog before work, every day and sometimes I think this is why I was such a successful teacher, to have time to balance your day before you begin is pretty awesome.. c


    1. Thank you. Just prior to the end of the previous life of that project I went to an in-house work life balance talk… and was given the concept of an early morning wak to “great the sun” which really resonated with me (rather than early morning exercise – yuck), so I dug it up when I was released and it’s worked for me ever since… The step sideways is working out so far. I was a bit trepidacious because my previous experience was a 3 year nightmare… currently the project seems to be running on a smaller more manageable scale, although having a 3 week escape clause is comforting with early Jan deadlines looming…


      1. everything is more manageable when things are on a smaller scale.. little bites just go down so much smoother.. and of course you will have learnt a lot from the last time by the sounds of it! c


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