the great divide: city vs country (I)

We took the opportunity of a 4 day shutdown weekend releasing the G.O. from work obligations to escape our city apartment, drive 6 hours to at our house at Taylors Arm and do a little summer/pre-Christmas preparations. On the back of this sojourn I’m feeling the disparity of our dual life.

A taste of country life…

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As I mentioned on elladee_places, we also indulged in a browse through the Hub and Pub Markets at The Pub With No Beer.

the great divide: city vs country (II) – a taste of city life

9 thoughts on “the great divide: city vs country (I)

  1. More to the point, what the hell is a potkin? Are they the purple things?

    As V says, it looks beautiful. Ah, that dual life eh? I think some of us are destined to have one all our days (and nights)


    1. A potkin, I think of as a type of squash but others consider it akin to the pumpkin it looks like and say it tastes like a mixture of squash and pumpkin. I think it tastes like squash, which I’m not a fan of.
      I settled in a little too well, a little too early last weekend, and would have happily given myself an early mark to the upcoming holidays.


      1. 😀 to the settling in. Four days is a difficult one. I can get my head around a 24-hour there and back to the finca (ie Sat and Sun) but four days is just long enough to start enjoying yourself and want to stay longer. We’ll be hoping for a decent Christmas break 🙂


    1. Thank you. It’s home… the G.O. comes from nearby, and I’ve adopted it as my own 🙂 One day we aim to live there… it will be very interesting to see what it’s like on a long term day to day basis, as compared to city living which has been my way of life for quite some time…


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