good things come in small packages

Courtesy of a Union Picnic Day shutdown 4 day weekend for the G.O. we headed up to Taylors Arm to do early Christmas preparations in readiness for our 3 week holiday later in the month.

One of the [many] things I lament about our dual existence is missing out on the local markets but this weekend our luck was in and the dates corresponded. Held in the grounds of The Pub With No Beer, the Hub and Pub Markets came to life a few months ago to replace the defunct Medlow Public School P&C Growers Market held at Upper Taylors Arm.

That Taylors Arm is a colourful, eclectic small community is reflected in its markets. On the hot, hot, hot Sunday morning we walked down the road and took our place among a steady stream of locals who ventured out for a browse and a chat.

On offer were pre-loved and handmade clothes, crystals, candles, fresh produce, coffee, books, plants, puppies, breakfast, home baked goodies, pre-loved wares & bric-a-brac, signs, membership & information re the Lock The Gate – No Antimony mining at Taylors Arm campaign… I signed up as the first member of this sub-group inaugurated the previous day!

As well as the attractions of the market you could wander up onto the pub verandah out of the heat for a cool drink… and yes, the pub does have beer.

Later in the day there was a jumping castle for the kids and the usual Sunday afternoon band at the pub.


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11 thoughts on “good things come in small packages

  1. Very civilised, laid out on the lawn like that. Are the stallholders locals, Ella, or are the Taylors Arm markets part of a larger circle of community markets? Anyway, what did you buy – or have you made all your Christmas preparations already?


    1. It’s a great setting, a one off local market with local stallholders, a couple of whom do other local markets but are not wide ranging. As we were only up briefly, I just bought banana’s, avocado’s, an Italian Basil plant, an old lettuce leave bowl, and my Lock the Gate membership & sign… It was a cheap, fun morning… all my Christmas preparations that can be are done. I’m chilled and enjoying the festive season 🙂


        1. I’m impressed also that it is authentically local…due partly because nobody else would be bothered coming out to TA, and there are stall holder guidelines to uphold the local, home made, home grown, recycled. Size doesn’t matter when it’s real.


  2. I can see why you can’t wait to escape the city to somewhere like that.
    It looks a so laid back and easy going sort of life, such perfect weather too. 🙂


  3. That veg looks really good. Excellent way to support local communities, especially as you say it is quite isolated.

    The community blog is an interesting read. Shame there aren’t more posts on there. A job for you methinks …


    1. The local veg is very good, and the Wilton Farm Fresh bloke is a cousin of the G.O. There’s a local woman (who I don’t know) who has something of a comms back ground, has a WordPress blogs as well as the community blog (yes, an interesting read), and who was the instigator & organiser of the original TA markets… the community blog & markets were quite exciting developments from my point of view but not my place to make changes… I’m still an outsider somewhat, at this stage anyway 🙂


  4. So it is THE pub with no beer, I didn’t think it was real. YOu have to love country markets don’t you, there is always the same stuff, then there is the stuff you only get in country markets, then there is the stuff you have never seen before. Brilliant.


    1. I think there are a few that claim to be The Pub With No Beer but TA gets a real look in as Slim Dusty was born & lived ‘down the road’, and Gordon Parsons spent time in the area…
      I agree, country markets are great, and I love the local mid north coast markets especially for the fresh produce 🙂


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