10 thoughts on “take a walk with me…

    1. I hadn’t realised how long it had been since we’d had an opportunity to take a stroll, and the time to snap some images. Munni Street is just one street from our usual track, and we decided to wander home a different way. My favourite is the cat. He was quite unusual 🙂


  1. I have real mixed views about street art. On one hand, some of the art work is amazing, and can really breath life into a derelict building, but on the other, when it is daubed onto a beautiful building, it then becomes ugly.

    The black swans are beautiful, a native of Australia I understand, though I could be wrong.

    On a recent holiday to Dawlish, a Devon town well know for its black swans, which I understsnd were imported from Australia many years ago. I’d only left my camera back in the motorhome, so didn’t get any photos at all 😦


    1. Street art in this area is well accepted, and a lot of it is deliberate & approved, as opposed to graffiti. In some cases it has become a commercial art form (& desirable as home decor), which I have mixed feelings about. Everyone hates those destructive tags.

      I believe the black swan are native. I love the white swans as well. I saw a TV program last night about Oxfordshire featuring the Thames & the lochs, on which were white swans… a part of many fairy tale books I read as a child 🙂


    1. Thank you. The cat looked like an Egyptian Basque cat guarding a tomb, except it was guarding the backyard & laneway, which it took very seriously as you can see by the look on its face 🙂


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