just another day in the office – well, not quite

The G.O. & I needed to make a Sunday trip into my work to deliver 50-ish bags of chocolates & lollies, and 95 gift a.k.a. goodie bags for an office fundraiser happening this week.

Mars Bars, Snickers, Bountys, Twix, Smarties, Nerds, Mentos.. and more
Mars Bars, Snickers, Bountys, Twix, Smarties, Nerds, Mentos.. and more

The easiest way was to distribute the load between us and hop on the train, normal stuff for me, a day out for the G.O., so we decided to make an occasion of it.

Goodies unloaded, it was time to think about lunch as we’d had coffees but no breakfast. At the suggestion of fish & chips we headed to Doyle’s at West Circular Quay. Stunned by the prices on the displayed menu we considered for just a moment, thought what the hell, we don’t eat out much, and secured a table.

Deep breath when diving into the menu

In for a penny, etc… we noticed the sun was nearing the yard-arm so we agreed a Corona and a glass of sparkling were in order to celebrate the stunning day Sydney had delivered.

Sunshine and drinks were the order of the day

We settled on a selection of garlic bread, a share entree plate, Top End Barramundi & Sand Whiting fillets both with chips. I managed a lovely glass of pinot gris to complement my meal. All generous servings [which meant we couldn’t manage to even think about dinner later], bringing the spend into the realms of acceptable].

Oyster, sashimi tuna, bug meat, sushi, cured salmon, prawns & avocado mousse
Oyster, sashimi tuna, bug meat, sushi, cured salmon, prawns & avocado mousse

Waiting, but not long, the service was great, we relaxed and soaked up the view &  sunshine, and concluded we could write off our extravagance as a late birthday lunch for the G.O. (not so long since June when we couldn’t prise ourselves from the warmth and comfort of the couch in the apartment even for that).

Top End Barramundi, Sand Whiting fillets and chips with divine home made tartare sauce

We were joined momentarily by a feathered guest who approved the free (woo hoo) bread provided by the kind waitress.

Our lunch guest

Afterwards, groaning, we enjoyed a postprandial walk around Sydney Harbour towards Hickson Road.

14 thoughts on “just another day in the office – well, not quite

  1. Treats are necessary sometimes – especially on a sparkling Sydney Sunday. I was hoping you’d go further down Hickson Road – I used to work down there, at Pier 4, with Sydney Dance Company – my old stomping ground. Enjoyed that Ella 🙂


    1. We did, and then crossed back over via those bloody steep steps to Argyle St… but my phone/camera battery went dead. It’s VERY nice along Hickson Road and the piers. I’d kill to rent an apartment there. Will go back with operational image recording device in hand. And, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post. It value-adds for me when I know I can share, and have a fairly good idea of with whom 🙂


  2. You knew that would bring back memories for me. Although I don’t remember a Doyle’s at the Quay, thought they were all around the posh eastern beach suburbs. Glad you enjoyed it and great slideshow. Thanks for that one.


  3. I just commented to TWG similarly, an outing is value-added for me when I know I can share, and have a fairly good idea of with whom. We did walk further but the phone/camera battery died – most unprepared of me. We’ll re-visit that part. Happy you enjoyed the virtual sunny Sydney Sunday. I love the glimpses you provide at Gib’s Summer, and places I’d visit if my feet ever touched ground there 🙂


    1. Haha. Is it not strange that we can find people who lives miles apart in the world and yet all have one lived in the same place at one point? I should also like to see some pix of King’s Cross (!), Potts Point, Wooloomooloo, Darling Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters etc.

      In fact I found a pic of Rushcutter’s yesterday, so might post that on my Everypic blog with a nice Sydney reminisce. Not sure where the pic of our block where we rented the flat has gone, probably in an album.

      Oh and Chinatown would be cool too. Just in case you and GO are wondering where to go on your next Sunny Sydney Sundays.


      1. I’ll work on it 🙂 This may be the inspiration & motivation I need. Sadly the Cross is a bit iffy at the moment but if things settle down, we’ll no doubt head over for a wander & pizza during Summer.


        1. Hasn’t the Cross always been iffy? If I find a photo of that I’ll do a post on the iffiness back in the 80s 😀 Interestingly its counterpart in London, ie around Kings Cross railway station, also had lots of prostitutes. No idea what it’s like now.


        2. It’s hard to explain the Crss now. Part gentrified and glamorized, but part the same, it attracts an influx of people on the weekends in particular, and recently there has been a lot of random violence, and a few tragic deaths. Combined with going out anywhere in Sydney late at night has become riskier than ever due to manufactured drugs, and relaxed alcohol laws, we crossed the Cross, and most popular venues off our list.


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