a date with Kate

Hi, let me introduce you to Kate… Katherine really, until you get to know her. Yes, this is the famous Katherine Gorge. I know you’ve been dying to see her. Kate (we’re friends now) lives in Nitmiluk National Park, in the Northern Territory of Australia, 244 km southeast of Darwin.

A little bit about Katherine Gorge: “a deep gorge carved through ancient sandstone by the Katherine River, is the central attraction of the park. Katherine Gorge is made up of thirteen gorges, with rapids and falls, and follow the Katherine River, which begins in Kakadu. During the Dry, roughly from April to October, the Katherine Gorge waters are placid in most spots and ideal for swimming and canoeing. There may be freshwater crocodiles in most parts of the river, as they nest along the banks, but they are harmless to humans. Saltwater crocodiles regularly enter the river during the wet season, when the water levels are very high, and are subsequently removed and returned to the lower levels at the onset of the dry season. Thus, swimming in the wet season is prohibited. Cruises of various lengths go as far as the fifth gorge.” (Wiki)

We spent a day visiting Kate. She’s very interesting, and has a lovely indigenous rock art collection. We didn’t get an autograph but these are our photos.

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24 thoughts on “a date with Kate

  1. I loved this post, Ella, and the slideshow. Those rocks, the history, the phenomena. i didn’t realise she was so fickle, our Kate, drawing the salties downward when she’s in spate, marooning them in the dry. 🙂


    1. Thank you. We were sorry we only had the day. I’d like to do a trip were you spend a few days walking & camping through all 5 gorges. Sometimes Kate also has her [Parks] staff remove the salties if she thinks they might upset her fans… would be an interesting job.


  2. Kate is one of my nicknames, although my full name isn’t spelled the same. I love these pictures–thank you for sharing them with us. This place is going on the list of things you have to take me to when I visit;-)


    1. I enjoyed it but we did the touristy thing rather than trek/camping and it was a nice, if unexpectedly cool day. [I see you’re doing the same as me, up early, for a, Sunday catching up on posts… we were away, and then I came back to ;( work…] 🙂 Thnx.


      1. Yes up early, though not as early as usual. Was hoping to go out and do some photos, but weather is crap. Sometimes you have to do the tourist thing. It can be really nice.


  3. Great photographs I do like to see other parts of the world that I’m never likely to see in real life. Makes me appreciate the good things in life. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. Thank you – I like sharing for the same reason through WP I’ve been able to virtually visit, with that all important personal touch, places where I’ll never actually touch the ground 😉


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