it’s not easy being green

This post warrants a disclaimer… in the form of extracts from comments I’ve posted in the past 24hrs.

“…I’ve spent a week or more of not so spare time (damn work) writing a post that doesn’t sound like me at all. I think my usual muses are sunning themselves in Spain, and left me with a crappy work experience muse…” 

“…I have been labouring over a draft post and only today stopped to wonder why is this post so difficult?, when usually it hits me and flows. The reason was, I had preconceived notions about what it should say & how it should be written [see 2 “shoulds” there, I should have known], and I was trying to do it “properly”. Now, I’ll just get on with being me and get it done soon enough…”

I’m a toddler in the eco-world.
I’m like a kid walking around in a grown up’s shoes. I’m not yet the greenie I’d like to be. Just as I’m not a food blogger, nor am I an eco-blogger, but seek guidance and inspiration. 

Consumerism is becoming unfashionable.
I feel changes in the air. We aren’t only judging others but ourselves. Do we feel good about our purchases, or are they ill advised, conspicuous, wasteful… soon regretted? Is what we choose today supporting our vision of tomorrow? The internet is creating a world without geographical or information boundaries. My green journey began long ago but 6+ months of WordPress and blogging, exposure to [virtual] lives outside my day-to-day life and blogs such as roughseasinthemed & cloudsmovingin have increased my awareness and efforts.

“Peck, peck, peck, peck, step, scratch. Peck, peck, peck, peck, step, scratch…”
We can do it by taking little chook steps. This link will take you to a woman and her family who are living their beliefs. Once you get past the gorgeous photos and engaging daily life of the farmy, read the paragraphs on “either we choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.” 

The “withs” of us have one extra thing, responsibility.
I’ve made a point recently that I don’t believe in “them” and “they”. There is only “us” and “we”. However, only a portion of this planet’s “us” enjoy the wherewithal to make a difference, and most of us are doing diddly squat. Me included. We are the lucky us. The us with choices. The us with resources. The us with power. The more of these we possess the bigger difference we can make, and the more accountability to use them conscientiously. It’s not only about individual power, it’s about ratio of power and capacity. It’s nonsensical to attempt to equalise the onus for reducing the eco footprint between members of societies bereft of resources and those with.

Putting plastics & paper in the proper colour recycle bin isn’t going to save the planet.
I confess to a confusion of thoughts, emotions, inadequacies and fears that I don’t make enough of a difference individually or collectively. I’m not able to reinvent my reality of living in the inner city, in 2 room apartment with a balcony where our activities are circumscribed by its proximity to busy road and train line. Impossible to grow veges or keep chooks, but I do what I can even if only: buying less, from farmers’ markets, organic, recycled, fair-trade, etc; walking instead of driving; green cleaning. All good but there’s more to be done to save the Earth, and ourselves.

An era of less consumerism, and more egalitarianism.
December 2012 is reputedly the harbinger of something… depending on what or who you believe. I’d like to believe the “New Age interpretation of this transition is that this date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era…”

we’re green

“A living planet is a much more complex metaphor for deity than just a bigger father with a bigger fist.  If an omniscient, all-powerful Dad ignores your prayers, it’s taken personally.  Hear only silence long enough, and you start wondering about his power.  His fairness.  His very existence.  But if a world mother doesn’t reply, Her excuse is simple.  She never claimed conceited omnipotence.  She has countless others clinging to her apron strings, including myriad species unable to speak for themselves.  To Her elder offspring She says – go raid the fridge.  Go play outside.  Go get a job.  Or, better yet, lend me a hand.  I have no time for idle whining.”  ~David Brin

20 thoughts on “it’s not easy being green

  1. How many muses do you have who sun themselves in Spain? 😀 We went to spain at the weekend but it was far too hot to sit outside. Although I did a small amount of gardening the next morning.

    Thank you for your generous words about my blogs – I wasn’t expecting that. I wish everyone was as interested in issues as you are. I remember your green cleaning post too, it was very good.

    Like you, it’s much harder being green in the city (we don’t even have the luxury of a balcony) and the lack of garden/outside space is the biggest frustration. I wish there were some community gardens/allotments here but space is at such a premium because we are so small. But needs must, and we all need money (well most of us do) so we need to work and live in the city. And that’s where we have to accept there are going to be compromises.

    What do you do when it’s hot? (not that you’ve had a summer!) – dash for the aircon, use a fan, or stick it out and sweat? The only reason we put one on is a) when A has burned the toast and b) at night to keep the mozzies away. Which uses energy, but is better than those vile chemical plug-in things. Or spraying with Deet. Always a compromise to be made. But like one of your points earlier, if we are informed enough, we can choose the least damanging option, not just for us, but for the rest of the world too.

    I would never claim to be saving the world, but the ‘I can’t make any difference’ attitude is negative and full of apathy. If I’ve raised subjects to brought topics to people’s attention, then that’s another way of helping too.

    One of the reasons I dislike supermarket shopping (apart from all the obvious ones) is that the trolley loads are so depressing. People buying junk processed food, plastic wrapped food that has been frigitrucked/flown for miles, people buying exotic out of season fruit and veg from oppressive regimes, buying toiletries and cleaning goods from large global companies that pollute the world and test on animals etc etc etc

    And yet, what is always first to go on the shelves? The vegetarian food options 😀 (tofu, tofu sausages, quorn steaks, veg slices) so that reassures me somewhat that I’m not the only cranky person in the whole of Gibraltar 😀

    Ooops, this has turned into a blog post. Sorry about that. I’ll shut up at this point.


    1. I thought maybe my blog muses might have read your posts, and gone on holiday to Spain. It seems like a nice thing to do. They certainly haven’t been here. The rest of my comment to Dotty Headbangers post mentioned my kitchen muses are AWOL also – I chargrilled a tea towel last night.
      To keep cool, this apartment has the luxury of air con and we use it occasionally. We prefer open windows & fresh air (even if it is dusty). Our old apartment was incredibly hot and we ran fans 9 months of the year to survive, and in summer suffered, and draped ourselves in wet towels. The last Feb we were there we had to take refuge for a weekend in Kiama to a motel, as I was about to lose the plot. Of course, I have the use of free air con at work but I’d love a window that opens – you can’t have that in a highrise full of lawyers 😉 At TA we have verandahs, trees, an overgrown garden, external cane blinds on the western windows in summer, ceiling fans, the creek and the beach… I think I’ve matched your post length comment!


      1. I couldn’t find your reply on DH’s so I distracted myself and read a few other of her posts 😀

        Well I hope your muses had a nice time wherever they went and that they came back refreshed and happy. What did the chargrilled tea towel taste like? (OK you don’t have to answer that one)

        I forgot to say I like your frogs. We used to have real ones at our pond in the UK. Adorable. I bought them some water lilies so they could sunbathe on the pads 🙂

        Your community list thing is trendy. It also changes. Fascinating.


        1. Thnx – I like Dotty’s posts, and the Big Blog Collection. While my muses were holidaying I tweaked my blog widgets – I like the Community thing too. The frogs caretake the house in our absence, & hop around like they own the place. I used to be a bit scared but am now happy to pick up & relocate them, and can cope with their odd misdirected leap onto my person… possibly not misdirected, they are cheeky 🙂


  2. Morning darling i absolutely and completely love that last quote.. how perfect! Thank you so much for the link and also thank you so much for writing and collating such an awesome post, this one is unique. The community gravatars are cool.. c


    1. Thank you. I love the Community widget also. It was your quote “either we choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution” which ultimately inspired the post 🙂


  3. Ella,

    I’m so glad you were finally able to flesh this out and relieve yourself of the burden off self-expectattions. I like much of what you have to say, agreeing one hundred percent with you: that it is our responsibility to do our part in keeping this world a healthy one. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be consistent. We effect change by our attitude and beliefs.

    Thank you for sharing you!

    ~ Cara


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. I think I’m suffering from eco-info overload, sort of like when I go to a huge mall, I lose the plot… but we can’t leave the future for someone else to worry about 😉


    1. Thanks for the comment, it’s lovely, and you have made so many. The “I have no time for idle whining” sums it up for me. I have to remember to count my wins when I find something new I can do 🙂


  4. I find when I have an idea of what should be communicated, I have a god awful time communicating it. Lol. Many many revisions to get it right. Whether a blog post or a scene in a novel. But I have to get the should out of the way to get to the good stuff. Interesting points here. I think the Internet has remarkably altered our reality. How that translates into environmental consciousness is still evolving. 🙂 but we are more aware that we can make a difference and. Have choices. 🙂


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you understand how crazy it drove me. I made a copy then cut, cut cut, and felt much better. Used for good, the virtual world is a tool for the better 🙂


  5. thanks for visiting my blog ella, now i have found yours! we all squirm and feel hopeless at times in our effort to be considerate of Mother Earth (LOVE that last quote!) … our big-business society makes things as hard for us as possible … just keep on with the little things, it is your mind-set that will make a difference, you are thinking and trying, soon others will catch on and we will all be thinking and trying and we will make a difference! Your blog is lovely and reaches a lot farther than you imagine! christine (dadirri7)


    1. Thank you for the nomination and encouragement. I saw you have a whole swag of awards and have looked in on several of your nominees… I’m in good company 🙂 Your approach to “things about me” is very well done. It’s the most difficult aspect of the criteria to meet 🙂


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