Baby, Please Don’t Go

Melbourne has been promoting its lanes, and street art therein. Given my affection for both Bon Scott era AC/DC & street art, last time we visited Melbourne, the top of my yellow post-it to-do list was ACDC Lane. “Corporation Lane (the generic name assigned to otherwise unnamed lanes in Melbourne) was renamed, in part, due to the band AC/DC’s ties to Melbourne, their status as cultural ambassadors for Australia, and the lane’s position in the city’s bar and rock district”.

By the time we got there ACDC Lane had seen better days. Perhaps the patrons of the local Cherry Bar even though supposedly music motivated weren’t fans. At least there were no posters of Brian Johnson.

Bon Scott would have celebrated his 66th birthday this week. If you ask who is Bon Scott? you may as well stop reading now. “Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott (9 July 1946– 19 February 1980) was a Scottish-born Australian rock musician, best known for being the lead singer and lyricist of Australian hard rock band AC/DC from 1974 until his death in 1980.”

It’s hard to believe Bon’s dead and even harder to believe that if he wasn’t dead, he would be an O.A.P. Even so…

Bon, you know I love you so Baby, Please Don’t Go.

11 thoughts on “Baby, Please Don’t Go

    1. Very clever. You chose 2 iconic Bon-AC/DC songs, and both very appropriate title wise, if not lyrics of the The Jack, oh dear. The post process is fun when you can add different strands but I’m a little sad after my trip down memory lane. There is no-one like Bon 🙂


  1. Yes it was titles I was going for, not lyrics! Not that I ever listen to lyrics anyway. I was for the most part trying to get rock bands as well, and preferably heavier. Not that I know anything about pop/rock music at all. My partner particularly likes Highway to Hell. Sometimes the popular hits can be the best ones. I might as well confess now I knew nothing about him, what a sad and tragic death 😦


    1. I remember you commenting – you hum 🙂 I shoudl hum, I’m the world’s worst singer. AC/DC of Bon’s era wasn’t huge outside Australia like AC/DC is now, so I’m not surprised. My love affair with Bon started when I was given Explosive Hits ‘75 which included Baby Please Don’t go.


    1. It’s true sadly, many musicians, actors, writers who had an impact on my formative years are now of the age where we are saying goodbye… at least they leave us great memories.


  2. He could never have been an AOP, surely not. I love the music clip of them travelling around Melbourne on the back of a truck, it is great to see what Melbourne looked like back then, how amazing it would have been to have been there when they were doing. I was near the lane recently, I should go back.


    1. Thank you. I like the old Australian music video clips. The was am ACDC exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse a couple of years ago. It was great. I hope when you go back to ACDC Lane, it hasn’t deteriorated further…


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