come fly with me

The G.O. (fortunately) clocked up another birthday this past Saturday, and while we were celebrating in his customary low key style, my thoughts revisited his birthday on the last day of our WA/NT holiday.

Making notes after the trip, I wrote:

“We finished off on Saturday morning with a helicopter ride over Kakadu for the G.O.’s birthday, which he also celebrated in his own style with a 2 meat pie breakfast and hamburger & hot dog dinner!

We drove back to Darwin after that, stopping briefly at the overrated Humpty Doo Hotel and had a rest and a walk around Nightcliff and watched the sunset before going to Darwin airport for a long, boring wait and catching our late arriving chilly red-eye flight back to the same cold and wet Sydney we left a fortnight earlier.

We made a promise to return.”

The helicopter flight was a highlight of the trip. We interrupted a croc stalking a couple of amorous buffalo, and had birds’ eye views of areas we weren’t able to access via road.

To experience the energy which is a invisible, tangible trait belonging to Kakadu it’s best to have your feet on the ground but to appreciate its powerful topography we wingless mortals have need of mechanical means.

Some birthdays give you wings.

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20 thoughts on “come fly with me

  1. What a great slideshow, I must show it to Partner when he comes in from work, he really liked Kakadu. The rock formations remind me of the Blue Mts and the Three Sisters but I’m probably totally wrong there 😀


      1. Again, thank you. The G.O. has a co-worker who shared the birthday, and they both took the day off. Imagine that not wanting to go to work on your birthday, especially a Saturday. What is the world coming to?!


    1. Thank you, and I will get around to posting more like this. You know what it’s like, that complicated mix of available time, inspiration and practically doing it.


  2. 😀 It’s the first time in years that Partner hasn’t taken my birthday off as we’ve normally both taken time off, invariably I took my annual holidays around them to make sure we made a special effort. But as we had a(nother) long weekend last week – Queen’s birthday this time, she’s done us proud this year, and he took a day’s leave, it seemed a bit pointless to take another day off. Although, he wasn’t planning on working Saturday but got told at short notice so the birthweekend shrunk a bit. I’ll definitely start our celebs early in future on the 23rd now with the GO in mind 🙂


    1. A clever plan to extend your birthday celebrations! The G.O. would have tended towards work but last year (after a long tiring weekend sight seeing & eating in Melbourne) and 2 days back at work, I gave myself another day off on my birthday, recreational shopped but didn’t do much of anything except cook myself a no-fuss but yummy birthday dinner, and the G.O. as he decided he was indispensable at work that day felt like he’d missed out on a lovely day, so we made the agreement to both take the day off work for each of our birthdays. I like to stretch mine out for a few days as well. I’m aiming to work my way up to a year.


      1. It is convenient having our birthdays together, although I suppose it means it is only once a year. The other days we do are Valentine’s Day and Wed Ann. Makes me sound soppy 😀 It was always funny in the office when some women got flowers and I didn’t – but that’s about show, why bother? I think the last year I was in work, I took the afternoon off for VD. A turned up in the Landy with the dogs, and I smiled, and said, I’m going to the beach. See you tomorrow. Worth more than a bunch of flowers 😀


  3. Belated birthday wishes. Thank you for letting us soar with you over these wonderful mountains and cliffs. The slide show was awesome.



  4. Lovely slide show. Makes me want to go somewhere–anywhere!–up in the air for a bird’s eye view. Well, ok, maybe not anywhere… Oh, and dirty mind that I have, I thought the other VD before Valentine’s Day came to mind;-) Happy birthday to GO!


  5. Thank you. Back into the working week and moved on from the birthday weekend, we were both mesmerised by the slide show when I showed him the post, so we feel the same as you. They’re called STDs now, so that VD didn’t enter my mind – you’re naughty!


    1. The buffalo are pretty formidable too, so no. When we were at Katherine we drove around a corner to encounter a buff in the middle of the road – they are huge. Mind you that croc even from high above was a monster. I’m not sure we’ll ever top that birthday.


  6. fantastic photos, and a great read too – I have always wanted to go to are very lucky living there.


  7. Thank you… well, we like it but some of the really good places are a little further than a weekend get away for us. Stay tuned though, in a couple of years, we’re hoping to do a proper ’round-Oz-no-cash-but-what-the-hell blog 🙂


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