you’re our reward

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The WordPress community is my home away from home. It rewards me every day with inspiration, laughter, stories, camaraderie, wisdom and a glimpse into others lives. Occasionally I’m rewarded with award nominations.

Early June, Blessed with a Star on the Forehead nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award & Very Inspiring Blogger Award, at a time I’d accomplished the not-so-mean-feat of responding to a flurry of award nominations. I set the nominations with the kitchen herbs while I regrouped, and waving the watering can over them last week spotted new blooms. Check out Blessed with a Star on the Forehead, it’s a beautiful, entertaining, heartfelt blog.

Afterwards, I discovered in a jewellery box with Diamonds & Pearls, a Sunshine Award nomination circa mid June from Richard Guest. Richard’s images with clever commentary and song titles elucidate people and London.

Later, I extracted from my bookshelf in the holding spacefor her much anticipated novel, a mid-June vintage pick-a-box of award nominations from Robin CoyleKreativ Blogger, Reader Appreciation, Tag! You’re It!

Generic award posting rules encompass: acknowledge & notify the nominator; state a varying number of things about yourself; nominate similar number of deserving bloggers; and contact them to notify the nomination. Notifications I believe, have become quite unfashionable, and I do have my fashionable reputation to think of, so I’m hoping pingbacks will take care of it.

The blogs below, some nominated previously and some not, are deserving of all or any they choose of the above awards if they don’t have them already, or even if they do. Regardless, they are worth a visit.

Lastly, inspired by dodging commas‘ “I am” post, I’ve been playing with I am, and extracted a selection to cover the things about me feature of the rules.

I am from lives past and from eras not yet here.

This time…

I am from taupe paddocks and midnight blue mountain ranges.

I am from family loving, imperfect, loved.

I am from beliefs, grief and silence.

I am from provincial, industrious, commonplace culinary.

I am from tennis playing, town visiting, football barracking.

I am from beach walking, shell collecting, rock pool gazing.

I am from photograph album memories.

I am from sisters… finally.

I am from music on the radio, and books, endless books.

I am from reminiscing, stories, recipes.

I am from cat loving, dog devoted, missing.

I am from city, assimilated, animate, mundane.

I am from faith, tested, wavering and winning.

I am from true, tried undiminished love.

I am from words, images, ideas discovering.

I am from new world connected, wireless, timeless.

The Church – Our Reward

…You’re our reward
So unpredictable
So delectable
So undetectable
You’re our reward…

19 thoughts on “you’re our reward

  1. What a great and accurate first par, totally agree.

    Thanks (again), I shall greedily snaffle all awards and post about them in some distant day in the future. I shall also visit some of the blogs that I don’t already have on my list – the blogging world gets ever smaller as we all visit the same ones 😀

    I love the I am. Not sure I could do it, but it’s good to read.


        1. Thanks – it’s my “summer garden” at the old apartment. I miss it. The ballast from the train line kills anything on the balcony of the new apartment except the hardiest of succulents & geraniums re-appropriated from footpaths, and the caterpillars take care of anything else.


  2. …You’re our reward
    So unpredictable
    So delectable
    So undetectable
    You’re our reward…
    Congratulations on your awards and all the words, these last are wonderful. Thank you for nominating my blog.


  3. Thanks for listing my blog as one to visit! And here’s the rest of my comment, from your post that linked to this (huh?): “Now you’ve done it, missy. I won’t be able to write another post in my blog for many years because I’ll be too busy reading all those you nominated for rewards! The first place I went to brought me to Church and Heaven’s Reward. I am a lapsed Catholic who finally collapsed entirely and am now officially an agnostic, but this song is so beautiful and the singers so awesome that I’ll listen to it again and again. And British People in Hot Weather are too young, too noisy, too unintelligible for this old lady–but I liked ’em anyway…set off 6 songs at once and had a bouncing good time–bouncing off the walls, that is! But the name of the band is the name of the picture I used in my first post about being 67, so of course I had to visit. Never too late to learn new stuff, I always say;-) This comment has turned into a post so I’ll stop now…but really, Ella…congratulations for all the awards and all, but really…”


    1. Thank you – glad you liked it. The nominated bloggers are what I love about the awards and led me to many I now follow. I don’t post near as much as I thought I would as in the available time I get sidetracked & entertained by all the wonderful posts in my In box & reader, yours not the least of them 🙂


    1. Thank you. I realised I’ve have been so busy following & commenting on other WP posts I’m a little rusty at posting but I was happy enough with it.


  4. What an elegant post. Well done. I’m honored to be included. I will snag some of those lovely awards ( and promise to write a post shortly…really)
    And I agree with Rough Seas- the garden shot is terrific – and a lot like the blogging community. (and wow some new blogs to explore!)
    Thanks again!


    1. Thank you – elegant, I like it. I don’t have my own herb garden at the moment but yes, I do have the WP community garden. Keeps me just on the right side of sane 🙂


  5. Congratulations Ella, well deserved for great writing and photos. And thanks a lot for nominating me. Wonderful! 🙂 Missed it at first..but I chose a little bit of sunshine! :).


  6. I am so terribly late, I know, but congrats to you, Ella!

    I wonder how it is that I never came across this before . . . I apologize for missing such a lovely bestowment and equally lovely poetry. “You are our reward.” Yes . . .
    Bless you, Ella!

    ~ Cara


    1. Thank you, You’re welcome. I didn’t do individual notifications, assuming pingbacks would take care of it or the nominees would wander by at some stage. The WP blogging community is extraordinary 🙂


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