“I have an evening dress, pink mull over silk…”

…and not to be outdone by the elegance of the morning, for the evening of the Winter Solstice, Sydney adorned itself in a shocking pink dress so bright it reflected in the glass habitat of the harbour.

… (I’m perfectly beautiful in that) *Quote from Daddy Long Legs, Jean Webster

7 thoughts on ““I have an evening dress, pink mull over silk…”

    1. Thank you – they would have been better quality with the camera but I have a quandary… if I carted the camera around I’d never bother taking photos but with the phone at least I capture the images which is what I’m about after all. Another great sunrise this morning & warm but I think from tomorrow we’re about to freeze – snow down to 900m.


      1. I agree, it great how good the cameras are on phones these days. I think you have to do what you can and how you can. I had no idea they were taken with a phone.
        I think it is going to be the same here, we have had so much rain, can only mean some really cold days ahead. Keep warm.


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