frack off

Many Australians are concerned about coal seam gas mining, not in a NIMBY way but because real regulations & safeguards do not exist.

Lock the gate. Sticking it to the mining companies, Which Bank ATM, King Street, Newtown, NSW Australia

The companies are not helping themselves. They have zero credibility. Residents in and around my local St Peters area are terrified and up in arms about plans to drill for coal seam gas in that suburb. Apparently plans for drilling in St Peters have been “dropped” but no-one really knows what that means.

Obviously,  alternative clean energy sources are an issue which needs to be addressed but coal seam gas mining isn’t about environment & sustainability, it’s about money, and it’s not clean.

According to the Wilderness Society’s web page coal seam gas is emerging as a massive public issue.Pilliga: After an investigation by the Wilderness Society and local environment groups, coal seam gas company Santos has had to temporarily shut down the majority of their drilling operations in the beautiful Pilliga Forest after we exposed the significant pollution risks of coal seam gas mining.

Santos have now publicly admitted to 20 hazardous events in the Pilliga forest, including a toxic spill of over 10,000 litres of untreated coal seam gas water.

The ongoing spills, leaks and cover-ups taking place in the Pilliga Forest provide on-the-ground evidence of the serious risks involved in the coal seam gas industry. It is obvious that self-regulation by coal seam gas companies is failing.

Kimberley:  Buru Energy has recently commenced ‘tight gas’ fracking operations just 80km from Broome (Yulleroo field) without any environmental impact assessment – thanks to the WA EPA refusing to assess it. The EPA and WA Government Ministers claim that environmental assessment isn’t necessary because the industry is regulated by the WA Mines Department but this ‘regulation’ was recently exposed as a myth by the WA Auditor General.

4 thoughts on “frack off

  1. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so depressing. It just proves that all the garbage spouted by Those In Charge Who Know Better Than Us is nothing but lip service, absolutely nothing. It’s like there is a parallel existence of two different societies on the planet. Or maybe there is?


  2. It seems the problems we face are world wide. It’s the people against the corporations who could care less what they do to our Planet to turn a buck. I hope the bast-rds choke on their own products. I get so sick of corporate greed and bankers that feel they own our Earth. I’d have thought Australia would have been spared. I guess I was wrong.


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