footprints in the sand

“The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves”  Kahil Gibran

Hawks Nest is a small town located on the southern end of the Mid North Coast in NSW, Australia, linked over the river to the equally small town of Tea Gardens, now via a bridge, 40 years ago by ferry.

You’ll often find me in spirit at Hawks Nest. When I do a meditation journey exercise, my special places might be Bennetts Beach or Jimmys Beach around to Winda Woppa. If I’m daydreaming at my desk, I may be walking along the beach with my dog Bo, searching for shells or starfish in the rock pools. Hawks Nest has a long history with my family. My grandparents were farmers, and the few holidays they took with their children were to Tea Gardens & Hawks Nest. Some of my earliest memories are weekends spent at Hawks Nest with Mum & Dad, trailing along with Dad searching for bait pippies as he fished, later camping and fishing at Mungo Brush and gatherings with a mob of family and friends at Jimmys Beach caravan park. Winda Woppa was the dog-friendly beachside holiday house location for several years of wintertime annual family get-togethers notable in the amount of food & liquid refreshments consumed and compensating epic beach walks; similar occasions continuing to the present-day at other times of year and accommodations around Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens. I don’t get to Hawks Nest so much as I’d like these days but it’s never far from my thoughts.,_New_South_Wales

13 thoughts on “footprints in the sand

    1. Hawks Nest is just one of those places… and Ms Bo was a Queensland heeler – half red & half blue Cattle dog, and I see Pippa’s thick under fur & think of Bo, who had handfuls on her (in later years) substantial butt I could pull out like fleece off a sheep 🙂 She loved holidays at Hawks Nest.


      1. Sorry about the he, a bit like people calling Pippa she! Or like, you, maybe because she actually reminded me of Pippa with the fur and even the colouring so I just thought ‘he’. Anyway, lovely looking dog. And I too pull Pippa’s fur out by the handful much to his annoyance.


    1. Good qestion but it hasn’t been THAT long since I’ve been there. Of course, it has been developed since my family & me first started going there but due to the geography it would be difficult for developers to emulate what’s across the bay (ref google photo & wiki link) 🙂


  1. What a beautiful place to call home. Every photo I’ve ever seen of Australia has been gorgeous, yours are no exception. Lucky you. Great share. Thank you. 🙂


    1. Thank you. Via WP I’ve been seeing many beautiful places I’ll never get to visit, so I thought “elladee_places” was a good forum to share my favourites, but an interesting thought from your comment: I might have to think about photographing a few ugly places, & posts along those lines 🙂


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