‘You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.’

“one day bats & butterflies flew outa my toaster I didn’t know what else to do but smile”

It became apparent this week that I: live in a bubble of sameoldsameold – park, train, city, office, apartment, neighbourhood; am on a first name basis with more cats in my neighbourhood than I am people; love taking random photos but the love disappears when I feel obliged.

Inspired by a magic feeling at the cusp of the afternoon & evening last Friday I opened my eyes and embarked via elladee_images to post a daily photo journal of my everyday, and having completed the week I can say it was tough. I got lucky with a few photos but on Wednesday resorted to Photoshop “exalt the mundane” (thank you The Wanderlust Gene), and by Thursday I was over it.

On Tuesday I indulged in a brief soap box moment but in 2D the everyday is flat, and in order to savour, some days survive the everyday and for it to be truly a life, I need to engage all 6 senses.

While many aspects of the week were photographable, possibly supplementing them with words will still serve only to describe rather than truly convey:

  • Hope in my heart & soul every circuit I make of the park lake and see mother swan on their nest.
  • Pleasure of early morning walks, greeting the day, enjoying the space, sunshine & crisp air, bird song, other people out & about, happy dogs, hungry water birds.
  • Delight with which Ginger Boy, our street’s by-choice-homeless cat, greeted us, gave us pats & devoured his dinner, and the softness of his fur.
  • Fragrance of the ginger flower at the doorway to the communal garden.
  • Simple joy of having access to abundant fresh basil to embellish our dinners.
  • Satisfaction of the G.O. & I combining our talents to make an Autumnal casserole & mashed potato, and savouring the tastes of our masterpiece.
  • Old fashioned kitchen smells when baking vanilla biccies.
  • Childlike awe watching a crystal orb in the sunlight make rainbows dance around the room.
  • Happiness of Jasper the black lab seeing us as we pause on our way home from the train station to play games through the gate of tug-o-war & fetch with his dirty, smelly, disgusting, chewed plastic-bottle-stuffed-inside-a-knitted-sock toy.
  • George, our cat friend’s recognition “it’s you!” as we stop so he can rub himself all over our feet & legs and walk away dragging him attached to our ankles down the street.
  • Miaows & joy with which Jasmine another of our cat friends greets us… and the many welcomes from the neighbourhood cats of our attentions.
  • Laughter & conversation of a dinner date with Mrs S. and a happy, lingering feeling of friendship.
  • Camaraderie of a simple shared lunch with work colleagues, more laughter and necessary workshopping of idiotic behaviour.
  • Smiling, catching a glimpse through the throng of commuters of the G.O.’s fluoro orange jacket waiting for me at the top of the train station’s stairs.
  • Gut reaction of how wrong it was for so many people to be lined up to purchase lotto tickets when the patient volunteers for the Australia Paralympic Committee sat ignored.
  • Awful feeling of watching, waiting in case I had to intervene, and the conflicting urges to berate the useless dog owner who couldn’t call off “Woossy” the hunting dog pursuing our cat friend George amongst the parked cars, or to be polite & not make a fuss as the dog owner had a toddler in tow.
  • Frustration of a beautiful sunny day devolving to surviving a senseless battle with scheming colleagues through solidarity & integrity they lack, and a sense of triumph of the good guys winning, surpassed by exhaustion and a loitering sense of futility.

I’m glad the week is over, and I can resume normal what-when-&-how-I-feel-like-it transmission.

I did take away a motto, “one day bats & butterflies flew outa my toaster I didn’t know what else to do but smile”.

What else can you do?

* Quotation by Dr Seuss

10 thoughts on “‘You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.’

  1. I wondered why you had sprung into such vibrant life over on images!

    I continue to be amazed by the people who embark on a post a day/photo a day, and for a whole year too. A random photo for the sake of sticking it on a blog just doesn’t fit with me at all.

    I totally go with the as and when approach. There is some (false IMO) theory that people like consistency and regularity from the blogs they read. Actually what people like is not too much stuff to read so they can’t keep up, and to browse favourite blogs when they have time. Well, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    If all the blogs I read posted every day, it would be a nightmare. Plus, I think posting about something because you want to, rather than for meeting a target (is this work or what?) results in a different feel type of post. I’m saying that even though I haven’t done it, but I know my posts would be different and pedestrian. 365 and postaday is so not me.


    1. Thnx – I always intended with elladee_images to do something like this, and it was an experiment to see what would happen if I had to generate something bloggable daily for a week. The daily, or even weekly post is not my thing either, just as & when both for me & other bloggers 🙂


      1. Not that I haven’t posted daily, I have of course 😀 but it’s inconsistent. If I’ve done a mini-series (usually 5-7 posts) then they invariably get posted up daily, but I’m focused on what I’m posting anyway, and there is some purpose to it.

        And like you, with having more than one blog it means I’ve got somewhere to post thoughts, or photos, or news, or Land Rovers, or Pippa.

        Interesting you decided to do it though, and to hear your thoughts about it afterwards. One of the Aus (Sydneyish) blogs I look at, recently finished a 365 project, and enjoyed it so much she’s starting another one!!!!


  2. Nice post, Ella Dee! There are many simple things in daily life that we take for granted but if we just open our eyes and take a closer look, we know that happiness is just within our reach. 😉


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