Get it together Tuesday

Tuesday was an ordinary day until the opportunity for outrage presented itself…

Opp. #1. It wasn’t until I passed the queue of last chance $70 million lotto ticket suckers purchasers my feet took me back to the little table where there was no queue to buy fundraising tickets for the Australian Paralympic Committee. To be honest, ordinarily I wouldn’t have spent money on either but it was so wrong.

Opp. #2. If your dog won’t come when you call, put it on a leash. Pretty simple. I hope the child belonging to it’s mother who was the owner of the unleashed pointer-type dog hunting our cat friend George amongst the cars on Flora St grows up smarter than she (didn’t look like it would be a stretch). Extra points lost for naming your dog “Woossy”, and stepping into traffic with same toddler in hand to stop cars so they won’t run over the dog you can’t control.

he that is angry without cause, shall be in danger; but he that is angry with cause, shall not be in danger: for without anger, teaching will be useless, judgments unstable, crimes unchecked” St. Thomas Aquinas

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2 thoughts on “Get it together Tuesday

  1. Thought this was pretty pic blot rants!!

    Lotto vs Paralympics. Clearly no competition, so to speak. Pippa is always on lead. Ridiculous otherwise in a city, and actually in the countryside too. We used to let him off years ago in a quiet place with no animals, but it’s since been fenced off 😦 Extending leads in a city are pretty stupid too.

    I got vertigo looking at your photos!


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