Better Gnomes and Gardens

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Sometimes a Saturday morning walk delivers up more than fresh air, exercise and a croissant from the bakery. It was the usual dogs, joggers and hungry water birds until I crossed the road to get to the bakery and found the little park at the entry to St Peters train station had been colonised by, some of them a little worse for wear, bikini wearing lady gnomes. I snapped a couple of photos as the council workers were hot on my heels.



5 thoughts on “Better Gnomes and Gardens

  1. Just bizarre!! There aren’t a lot of gnomes where we live in Spain but one garden does have them (we christened the occupant Gnome Man, obviously) so I must remember to take the camera next time we wander up there with Pippa.


    1. I’d love to see Gib gnomes. Myself, I’d like a couple of pink concrete flamingo’s & a couple of gnomes… I draw the line at tyre swans & concrete mexicans with donkeys, but the G.O. won’t be in it.


      1. Ah! Not seen any gnomes in Gib, must hunt. The ones I’m talking about are in Spain. Our main interest in gnomes is falling over laughing at corny jokes about no gnomes to go to, and gnome again, and no gnomes at gnome and ……. 😉


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