Sunshine Award, and why there is a photo of my handbag

A wonderful thing happened to me. I returned from an extra long internet free Easter holiday break to several hundred emails including one very special email from Robin Coyle nominating me for the Sunshine Award, which I am honoured to accept and I thank her greatly for.

Sunshine Award rules:

    • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. 
    • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
    • 10-12 other fabulous bloggers must be nominated.
    • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. 
    • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

      Handbag Obsession

My answers:

    1. Favorite color: Sadly I wear a lot of serviceable black but I love colour and lean to blues & greens.
    2. Favorite animal: I have to choose? Cats, by a whisker.
    3. Favorite number: 11… something to do with birthdates and numerology.
    4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: I’m never far from a glass of water.
    5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook used for good rather than evil.
    6. My passion: Being happy in the everyday.
    7. Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving, but randomly not on designated occasions.
    8. Favorite pattern:  I recently (on impulse) bought a skull patterned handbag inspired by Alexander McQueen and am a little bit in love with it despite initial misgivings.
    9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday mornings early, with the weekend ahead.
    10. Favorite flower: All… but today’s choice: the colour and fragrance of sweet peas zooms me back to my great grandmother’s garden.

      Sunshine Award

I recently nominated 20 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, and several of my favourite bloggers have recently received multiple awards, so my fresh Sunshine Award nominees who I think are worth a look at are:

  1. allpoetryandcreativewriting
  2. The Future is Papier Mache
  3. Street Inspired
  5. Kismuth
  6. Pat Bean’s Blog
  7. Blogubarra
  8. arjungabriel
  9. Teachosaur Thoughts
  10. paralaxvu
  11. Postcard Café 

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Award, and why there is a photo of my handbag

  1. You rock! i can’t wait to check out your nominees. Who was that super-smart person that nominated you!? I really need to check out her blog. Just kidding. i know it was me…


    1. I love these awards. I think they are a great idea on so many levels. Blogger encouragement, blog recognition and a great way to check out different blogs. Thnx so much for nominating me. Your blog continues to inspire me 🙂 EllaDee


  2. Hey EllaDee, thanks so much for nominating me for this. I’m really chuffed. Our telephone provider is just about to pull the plug on us, so I may be even slower than I usually am at doing these things (average 1 month), but I’ll put my mind to it during the downtime. Thanks again.


    1. Thnx for the reply. I’m in the same situation – currently no internet at home as the contract expired, I cancelled & changed to another provider & am waiting on the wireless USB stick, so am limited to accessing via my phone or in the office. Take your time & remember the rules are only guidelines 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for nominating me EllaDee, I feel ‘very encouraged” !! Good luck to you as well!!


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