for better or for worse?

You could look at it like this, The Block at Redfern, (Sydney, NSW, Australia) is a marriage of cultures with a raft of problems and resultant changes are afoot, some for the better, some for the worse, a bit like marriage vows that didn’t work out…

“The Block has historically been the subject of large protests, starting in the early 1970s”…” is viewed by the largely rural indigenous population of NSW as a pied a terre and spiritual home in Australia’s largest city. For non-Aborigines, the Block has assumed a notorious reputation for violence and crime”… “The area around The Block is now reportedly the subject of plans for massive redevelopment by private developers at the instigation of the New South Wales state government”

5 thoughts on “for better or for worse?

  1. Partner used to live in Redfern in the 80s, but when I asked him about this all he could remember was the Leagues Club (food) and the bank (money) below the flat he was staying in. It was pretty seedy back then too.


    1. The Block is adjacent to our old Darlington neighbourhood, and we have an affection for it, as is. The whole area, inc. Redfern is becoming “gentrified” 😦 eg the old leagues club is gone, and a new club/apartments/supermarket built in it’s place 😦


  2. The old Souths league Club was demolished several years ago and there were several hiatuses (sp?) in the redevelopment. The club has just reopened as Souths on Chalmers. It’s all very beautiful & expensive and out of keeping with the original feel of the area but sadly the way of the future. This is the best link I could find Also the football ground across the road has been redeveloped and juniors games are still played there but not the traditional first grade games. Souths Rabbitoh’s (co-owned by Russell Crowe) home ground has been moved out west to Homebush (where the Olympics were held). The area still has some of its old, good character & maybe a little less of the bad (still some dodgy places/times of day) but because it’s city fringe & close to Sydney Uni it has become increasingly popular & trendy.


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