P.S. All the good stuff was gone.

I just had to have a look at the contents of these tubs we came across on our stroll this morning to Newtown to forage for breakfast. I love footpath shopping and inner city/inner west (Sydney, NSW, Australia) has proved bountiful over the past 8+ years to the point many of our belongings are footpath finds.  A couple of weeks ago I posted this Facebook entry: Footpath shopping tally for the week: 3 x cool big green plastic wine glasses; 1 x big plant pot (that I would’ve bought similar this weekend); 1 x authentic never-used Thermos with glass centre; 2 x pks of big fat mozzie repellent incense sticks; 1 x old wooden tray; 5 x handmade covered coathangers you get at fetes.

Later that week we found this cute little kangaroo thingie.

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