it’s all starting to come unravelled…

I started blogging to get a life, and it worked. Now I it’s arrived, I’m scratching to find time to create posts. I have the photo’s. I have the ideas. Well, mostly I do. Of course, when I have time my mind is blank and the creativity well is empty. Annoyingly when inspiration strikes it’s in the shower or just as I wake up and have to get out of bed and do SO many other things right then.

After a few weeks of blogging, I thought “I love this”. I was thinking about creating posts and reading posts in every spare moment. The G.O. could barely conceal the eye roll that had become his automatic response to the many conversations about WordPress posts I had read or was thinking about doing, and when he saw me sitting at the laptop and heard me utter the words “come and look at this”, he found something urgent to do outside.

I had to find some other activities in the real world, like…

Cooking. Even I struggled after our third night of macaroni cheese, baked beans & sausages because not having to make dinner gave me extra blog time.

Work. Both actual work and work based interests. Rather than thinking about posts I thought about putting my fingers to the keyboard and giving attention to my colleagues, and did some work. It was ok, but will take a bit of getting used to. I might try again next week. As well, I joined the book club & the footy tipping competition. Maybe I’ll get some material for posts.

Beautification. I got my nails done with that new fancy shellac stuff. The french polish looks nice when I type posts.

Shopping. The bank called to see if everything was ok. No-one had been using my credit card.

Groceries. Oops. Refer to Cooking above. We didn’t have anything in the cupboards. Good for the budget but I must go to the supermarket.

TV. I had to watch My Kitchen Rules (again, refer to Cooking above), while eating mac, sausages & beans.

Walking. Instead of blogging I started walking early mornings before work. There’s a world out there… I took a couple of photos and posted them:

I have to confess also, I didn’t read the WordPress [not so] fine print & unwittingly transgressed the tag limits. Scouring the WP pages for an explanation & a remedy I discovered… “Beyond 10, your post actually becomes less likely to be featured in the tag listings.” So, my posts didn’t appear on the Topics page… rookie error but all fixed now. Thanks WordPress for being so forgiving.

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