will you miss me when you’re gone?

This is something I do, catch the train home from Circular Quay (Sydney, NSW, Australia) and see every week day. I wonder will I miss it when I’m gone? When I visit as a future tourist will I view it with the awe & excitement I now see in the faces of visitors to Sydney?

3 thoughts on “will you miss me when you’re gone?

  1. wow!! so many years since we were there at Circular Quay. My partner went to work from there to go to Cockatoo Island when it was still a dockyard. We rarely used the train, just the Sydney system – do they still call it that? Anyway totally puzzled where you took that pic from – please tell more.


  2. The photo was taken from inside the train carriage as it was leaving Circular Quay station which is located above the ferry wharves at the quay. I’m not sure what the Sydney system is/was. Within the CityRail train circuit is City Circle, which is Central, Museum, St James, Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town Hall. Sydney now also has a monorail (mainly used by tourists) & light rail, and of course buses.


  3. I haven’t been to Sydney for a number of years, sadly as I spent much of my childhood and teens there visiting family 2-3 times a year. My absolute favourite part is Circular Quay so this photo was very evocative. And I LOVE the monorail – yes, cheesey and touristy but still a must do for me. Its such a novel way of seeing a wee loop of Sydney. And I love the noise it makes!!! Must get back to Sydney!


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