blogging is the most fun you can have wearing clothes

I’m not a writer but this quote paraphrases how I feel about blogging.

Anyway, in long form…

Living in a world where I’m constantly connected via a keyboard & screen but with no outlet for the real me screaming from inside “let me out of here you b#tch”, blogging gave me a life, and I love it because:

• in odd free moments at work, on the train, at home I write, read & think about blog posts. If I wasn’t doing this I’d be thinking about… I don’t know, what’s for dinner?

• I like multi-tasking. It makes me feel efficient: blog while I’m making dinner… ok, I’ve had some near misses in the cooking department but I’ve simultaneously had 5 likes on a blog post; blog & do domestic goddess stuff – makes dusting far less boring.

• I meet interesting virtual people with interesting virtual lives who don’t live in my apartment building, work in my office or live in the same country. And, there’s the excitement of 3 degrees of separation blogging: finding someone who you know or someone known by someone you know.

• every click takes me to amazing & my favourite, amusing, words & photo’s, and the inspiration of other bloggers’ creativity & vision.

• I stay dry. If it’s raining outside in my lunch hour, that’s fine, I check out WordPress blogs rather than going for a walk, and if you’ve been experiencing or following the Sydney summer you’ll know this is an issue.

• it gives me some motivation to go for a walk if I must… to look for street art: inspiration for a photo blog.

• blogging rather than jogging in the morning before work is a good excuse to avoid getting sweaty “greeting the sun”.

• I drink coffee and blog.

• I drink wine & bolg.

• blogging is cheaper than therapy, both for me, and the G.O. who is my silent partner (not hard to be more silent than me).

• it gives me an opportunity to inspire, aka nag, other people to blog.

• I don’t, but you can blog naked if you want to.

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