no women, no shoes

What is the attraction of as soon as you aren’t allowed to do something you want to do it: immediately; obsessively? I’ve been writing a Women in Focus blog themed “In My Shoes” as part of my DIY social media education. I’ve learnt greatly, so much so that winning the competiton’s prize of a trip to New York or Mt Kilimanjaro and the opportunity to blog about it would only be a bonus. The catch is the blog content cannot appear or have ever appeared elsewhere. Of course, since starting it, I’ve thought of nothing else but women and shoes… of course.

Prior, I’ve not thought too deeply about the women in my life. However the inspirational blog topic had been running around my head and I thought the output would find it’s way to ella_dee words, but it was perfect for Women in Focus so I took it as a sign to enter the competition. And, I’ve never thought overly much about shoes. With both women & shoes I choose well, they function wonderfully & life would be damn uncomfortable without them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a normal healthy woman, I rarely walk past a shoe shop window or especially a bargain rack without stopping to see if there’s something I can’t live without, and seasonally I usually buy a pair or 2 but I’m no Imelda Marcos. My favourite shoes are the ones I’ve had the longest. Ditto for friends, and I’m never home washing my hair if there’s an opportunity of getting together.

All the while elladee_words has been pretty much wordless. I felt like I’d let it down.

Anyway, all is good, I’ve circumvented the restriction on the topics of women and shoes by writing about not being able to write about women and shoes…

If you would like to read my Women in Focus blogs so far, the links are:

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