in search of dinosaur footprints

Once I found out there are dinosaur footprints at Broome, Western Australia, that was it, it was high up on my bucket list to see them.

As is my way,  I didn’t worry too much about the details but when the G.O. & I had the opportunity to plan a trip, it was #1 destination. When we got there, there were the details: the dinosaur footprints believed to be from the Cretaceous Age approximately 130 million years ago are only visible at very low tides and they are 30 m (98 ft) out to sea, so you have to scramble down the rocks on the edge of the ocean at Gantheaume Point and search for them. It did make an adventure and I had a few bruises on my butt, as well as the photo’s for trophies.

7 thoughts on “in search of dinosaur footprints

  1. Google Gantheaume Point, Broome, dinosaur footprints, and somewhere you’ll find the tide timetable – has to be very low tide… also given it’s NW WA I’d suggest Winter but if you are in Bris-vegas you can probably handle humidity better than me 🙂


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