DIY fortune hunting in the Year of the Dragon

You know I’m a lover of horoscopes to provide me with the answer I want to a question or situation. I apply the methodology that so long as you consult as many as possible you’ll end up in the ballpark of the answer that floats your boat. Whether the answer eventuates is another matter. In 2011 despite regularly consulting the Sagi horoscopes for answers to the big questions in my life I didn’t even come close to getting the fame, fortune & freedom they promised.    

Once I was back to the same-old-same-old after returning from holidays I had a couple of shots at reading my horoscopes and my expectations are already high particularly as I also factored in the information of the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon being beneficial to my Snake sign.

Aahh but I know I overdid it in 2011, so to start 2012 I’m going to be proactive & make my own predictions, using the scientifically proven (ok maybe not) method of tossing my lucky dollar coin (the one I keep in my purse for shopping trolleys) & calling up heads for yes answers, or tails for no answers.

  • Will my job get better in 2012? Yes. Good start.
  • Will my job get worse in 2012? No. Oh boy, on a roll here.
  • Will my job & I part ways in 2012? No. Oh.
  • Will I get a new job in 2012? No. Well, that wraps that up.
  • Will the lotto ticket the G.O. invested in last week make a substantial difference to our financial fortunes? Yes. Hmmmm interesting. The best we’ve ever won is $24.
  • Will the G.O. & I hitch up a caravan and travel Australia in 2012? No. Taking into account the first 4 answers I’m not surprised.
  • Will I win the Women In Focus blog competition & a week in New York? Yes. Yes… yes… yes…

Ok, that was fun and productive. I feel so much better now. No longer relying on third party providers to determine my fate.

What’s this in my In-Box, today’s Quote of the Day email?

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy”

C’est la vie

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