d is for damn good

EllaDee isn’t my real name. A google search and wiki entry reveals Ella Dee as the name of a 446 year-old witch from the British TV series Hex. It is however also an anagram of my real first and middle names, and I like it. My real name, which I also like, starts with D and as the card says “D IS FOR DAMN GOOD…”. I picked the discarded card off the street and had no doubt it was meant for me. I’m feeling damn good. Despite the recent birthday pushing me on towards 50, reminded by my uncle in his birthday greeting email. Despite a pretty ordinary year including a bout of glandular fever my doctor didn’t even want to test me for as I was getting into my twilight years. Despite 10 kilos the world would judge me better off without. Despite having the socially awkward status of being married twice, life has been damn good for the past six or so years with my third and last partner who is a wonderful bloke, my best friend of 20 plus years and who was worth waiting for. Despite never being able to resist saying what I think when I think it no matter the deafening ensuing silence and chill. Despite being damn good at what I do falling into career limbo after emerging from three years of a soul sucking project into a post GFC workplace which doesn’t appear to have a place for me but doesn’t want to set me free. Despite moving from our much loved rented apartment and neighbourhood of seven and a half years. Despite every long weekend and holiday the weather being cool & rainy or cold & raining – La Nina take a break pleeeaasse. Despite all this, I’ve been damn good in 2011. Looking forward to 2012 so I can be damn damn good.

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