dear universe

I’ve been reading my stars compulsively.  Sure they were speaking to me. The winds of change breezed around my shoulders. I was waiting for things to happen that didn’t happen and then did happen but not the way I wanted them to. The horoscope fairytales led me on flights of fancy, believing my dreams would be fulfilled by an eclipse in Sagittarius. It was my own sign, fiery and beholden to the truth, not some other untrustworthy watery or airy sign. It wouldn’t let me down.  It let me down.  I felt like I did when one of my early boyfriends abandoned me for a night at the greyhound races. After 2 days I peeked again at the Sagi stars, reasoning it’s not the same for everyone, maybe it wasn’t my time yet. The horoscopes concurred with another eclipse signalling life transformation. I watched that eclipse from the balcony of the hotel room we were staying in on the coast.  The path of moonlight glimmered a promise across the bay. The eclipse passed and other than the artifical hiatus of a night in an unexpected suite upgrade at a resort hotel, the life we were hoping to escape continues its groundhog day-like existence. I tried to stay away from the horoscope pages. But it’s so easy, enlightenment is so close, just a couple of clicks and the promises appear, teasing me like a stripper on stage in a dim, sticky night club. Today I read “You need to  make your wishes known to the Universe”.  For God’s sake, the Universe must be bloody deaf, or has me on hold with all the other sad Sagi’s in the queue waiting to voice our humdrum petitions. So here it is in writing… “Dear Universe, Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.  Best Regards,  EllaDee”.

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