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Nanna, you’ll be impressed I hope, that you were responsible for leading me to the avenue via which I could start a blog, something I’ve been long thinking of.  Your page http://nancyhuntart.wordpress.com/ prompted me to create my own.  And many times you asked me why I wasn’t writing when I said I wanted to.  Among the reasons why I don’t write are: absolutely no motivation and headspace before, during or after work; tired; bored; unmotivated; unsociable; nothing to write about; not seeing what there is to write about; I’m reading something; busy with the rest of my life; need to cook, clean, eat, shop, sleep…  This is not the exhaustive list and none of the reasons are good ones.  So, true to say I’m not a writer but I like to write, and enjoy myself when I do.  Right now, and for the last quite a few months, things have been a little slow for me at work, so to keep myself sane and amused I have started writing… again.

One thought on “pour commencer

    missalister said:
    December 15, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Merci, EllaDee, for following The Essence of a Thing.

    Your work has subsided, good! For you soul, anyway…

    It’s the opposite for me: work’s increased so I write hardly at all.

    But I am following you and very excited to see what you do with your unbound time!

    All the very best,
    Miss A


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